What Is Poker Freezeout Tournament?


Poker freezeout tournament is one of the popular poker tournaments available online. But those who are new to the world of poker will often arise with the question what is poker freezeout tournament?  Here in this article we will briefly discuss about poker freezeout tournament and its important aspects. So read this article to gather all the important information on poker freezeout and how it is different from other online poker tournament.


A poker freezeout tournament is the kind of poker tournament where player cannot add to his chip stack by re-buying or adding-on to his stack. In simple words, this poker tournament is structured in such a way that players start with a specific number of chips but do not have the option to replenish or add to these chips. This means that you are not allowed to re-buy or add-on in a poker freezeout. However, in a poker freezeout blinds are typically increased in every 10 to 20 minutes although some of the larger online poker tournaments may increase their blinds at longer intervals.

Moving further with the explanation of poker freezeout tournament, every player in this tournament starts out with the same amount of chips and the player who ends up with all the chips is crowned the winner of the tournament. The typical number of chips to start in poker freezeout tournament is anywhere between 1500-5000. However, this kind of poker tournament can be found in any type of buy-in range starting from $1 to well over $100. So, there will always be a freeeout tournament to every size of bankroll.

The most essential aspects of poker freezeout tournament is that as players are knocked out the tables are combined and are broken down. This tournament is in fact contrast to the shootout structure. However, most online poker tournaments that allow for multi-tables and all sit and go tournaments, are run according to the freezeout rules. This is the most popular form of a poker tournament. Moreover, the poker freezeout tournament explained above will help you to gain a brief knowledge about this tournament.